Are you a pizza lover? Do you crave a delicious slice of pizza even in the wee hours of the night? Then Nonna Said’s Late Night Pizza is the place for you. Nestled in the Merchant City of Glasgow, Nonna Said’s is a hidden gem that offers some of the best pizzas in town. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey to discover what makes Nonna Said’s so special. From their fresh ingredients and authentic recipes to their unique pizza varieties, we will delve into every aspect that sets Nonna Said’s apart from other pizza places in Glasgow. We’ll also explore their signature pizzas, including popular choices among regulars and recommendations for first-timers. And it’s not just about the pizzas – we’ll also highlight other menu highlights like their drinks and delivery offer. Lastly, we’ll talk about Nonna Said’s ambience and customer service, which are equally outstanding. So why do Glaswegians love Nonna Said’s Late Night Pizza? Read on to find out more and compare it with other late-night pizza places in Glasgow!

Discovering Nonna Said’s Late Night Pizza

Hidden deep within the the Merchant City of Glasgow lies a hidden gem for those late-night pizza cravings. Nonna Said’s offers a taste of Italy, delighting pizza lovers across the city. Uncover Glasgow’s best-kept secret for delicious late-night eats and don’t miss out on the ultimate pizza experience at this renowned venue. Open until 1am every Friday and Saturday Nonna said offers up the best pizza in Glasgow until the wee hours.

The Story Behind Nonna Said

Nonna Said is a opened in 2021 and has been dishing out amazing pizzas, the best cocktails and blasting classic hip hop beats. The recipes have been carefully constructed, showcasing a mix of traditional flavours with fresh twists. Experience the late night feel by visiting the venue and immersing yourself with our renowned music, and discover Nonna Said at your door through our delivery platforms Just eat, Deliveroo, or Uber eats. The venue is a hidden gem in Glasgow, bringing you the very best pizza to Scotland.

What Makes Nonna Said’s Pizza Special?

Nonna Said’s pizza stands out for its exceptional quality and taste. Each pizza is meticulously crafted using the freshest ingredients, homemade sauce, and handmade dough. With authentic flavours and exciting recipes, Nonna Said’s pizza offers a truly special dining experience. Taste the difference for yourself at Nonna Said’s Late Night Pizza in Glasgow, every Friday and Saturday until 1am.

Fresh Ingredients and Authentic Recipes

At Nonna Said’s, we believe in using locally sourced, fresh ingredients to create our delicious pizzas. Experience the vibrant flavours of Glasgow with each bite as we incorporate locally grown produce into our pizzas. Our commitment to offering the best Vegan pizza offering Glasgow has stretched as far as our focus on the very best of produce, carefully selected for the best Vegan pizza flavour. Visit our venue in Merchant City Glasgow either after work or with friends and family.

Late Night Availability

Satisfy your late-night pizza cravings at Nonna Said’s. Open late, this venue is the go-to spot for a delicious midnight snack in Glasgow. Whether you’re craving a delicious pizza or sampling some of the very best cocktails in Glasgow, Nonna Said’s has you covered. Don’t let hunger strike during the late hours – head to Nonna Said’s for a taste of Nonna’s pizza.

Unique Pizza Varieties

Discover a world of unique and innovative pizza options at Nonna Said’s. From classic Margherita to adventurous flavor combinations, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Indulge in exciting toppings and flavor profiles that you won’t find elsewhere. Nonna Said’s pushes the boundaries of traditional pizza with creative combinations that will tantalize your taste buds. Experience pizza like never before at this venue in Glasgow.

Nonna Said’s Signature Pizzas

Indulge in the beloved signature pizzas at Nonna Said’s, showcasing the best of what the venue has to offer. These iconic pizzas, loved by all, have put Nonna Said’s on the map and made them legendary, from the salt and chilli, pepperoni or the Jamaican me crazy, Nonna Said dishes up the best pizza in town. Experience the flavours that have made Nonna Said’s pizzas a must-try for any pizza enthusiast in Scotland or London.

Popular Choices Among Regulars

Join the ranks of loyal customers at Nonna Said’s and discover the pizzas that keep them coming back for more. Taste the favourites that have earned a special place in the hearts of regulars and find out which pizzas are the talk of the town. These popular choices are sure to satisfy even the most discerning pizza lovers. Trade staff welcome for post work for some late night drinks into the wee hours, right in the heart of Glasgow.

Recommendations for First-Timers

Looking to experience Nonna Said’s magic for the first time? Trust the experts and start your journey with these crowd-pleasing options. Don’t miss out on these recommended pizzas, perfect for newcomers wanting to taste Nonna Said’s excellence. Get ready for an unforgettable culinary experience at this renowned venue in Scotland.

Beyond Pizza at Nonna Said

Explore Nonna Said’s menu beyond pizza and discover mouthwatering options that go beyond your expectations, what about the classic Scottish haggis on the happy highlander. From Beavterown on draft to our vegan friendly cocktails, this venue in Glasgow offers something for everyone. Indulge in the hidden gems on the menu and expand your culinary horizons. Nonna Said’s is not just about pizza; it’s a culinary experience that takes you beyond the ordinary.

Merchant city – Late night pizza and bar

Indulge in mouthwatering pizza either pre or post night out. Our delicious pizza is perfectly balanced with flavours that will delight your taste buds. Don’t forget to save room for our great cocktails, guaranteed to quench your thirst. We have Glasgow’s best Vegan pizza options and gluten-free pizza bases. Come and experience the diverse menu at Nonna Said’s Late Night Pizza – the best in Glasgow!

Cocktails, shots, and perfect serves

At Nonna Said’s, enjoy a wide selection of refreshing beverages, including cocktails and mocktails. . Non-alcoholic options are available for those who prefer not to drink. Complement your meal with a variety of great cocktails containing Absolut, Beefeater, and Havana Club. Treat yourself to a classic Limoncello to round of your experience. The venue provides a delightful array of options to quench your thirst and satisfy your need for great pizza. Scotland’s love for Nonna Said has made it one of the top venues for late-night pizza in Glasgow.

Nonna Said’s Ambience and Customer Service

Experience a welcoming atmosphere that immerses you in the vibrant vibe of Glasgow’s Merchant City. The friendly staff at Nonna Said’s is always ready to assist and provide recommendations while you enjoy live music and resident DJs. Whether dining alone or with a group, this venue caters to all, creating an unforgettable dining experience in Scotland.

A Warm, Welcoming Atmosphere

Step into a cozy, inviting space that instantly puts you at ease. The rustic decor creates an authentic Italian trattoria feel, while soft lighting and comfortable seating ensure a relaxed dining experience. Enjoy your delicious pizza amidst the lively atmosphere, making Nonna Said’s the perfect setting for a memorable night out.

Outstanding Customer Service

The team at Nonna Said’s goes above and beyond to ensure a fun dining experience. With prompt and attentive service, they make you feel well taken care of. The knowledgeable servers can guide you through the menu options, accommodating special requests and dietary requirements with a smile. Nonna Said’s prides itself on delivering outstanding customer service that leaves a lasting impression.

Why do Glaswegians Love Nonna Said’s Late Night Pizza?

Glaswegians can’t resist the allure of Nonna Said’s late-night pizza. With authentic flavours, quality ingredients, and a convenient Merchant City location, it’s the go-to spot for post-night-out cravings. The unique dining experience and customizable options keep customers coming back for more.

How does Nonna Said’s Compare to Other Late Night Pizza Places in Glasgow?

Nonna Said’s sets itself apart from other late-night pizza places in Glasgow with its exceptional quality and taste. With a wider variety of toppings and specialty pizzas, Nonna Said’s offers a unique dining experience. Using fresh, local ingredients, Nonna Said’s delivers generous portion sizes and bursting with flavour that customers rave about.

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